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Remy D. Clark
3 min readSep 21, 2021

The Canada-based Resist Film Festival bills itself as an independent festival of film and media art. It uses the world’s largest social network to promote 30 international films this edition.

Resist Film Festival 2021 official film selection
Dorian Shine, Festival Founder & Art Director

“Our festival was born in response to a broadcast problem, explains Dorian Shine, founder and director of the event. Our digital identity has been part of our concept from day one, as it was forbidden to go to the cinemas because of COVID.

We want to promote artists who are interested in themes of resistance, such as human rights, feminism, environment, identity and gender, freedom, or any other form of resistance.”

Today, digital cinema is attracting a younger generation who are no longer convinced by the idea of ​​the cinema viewing experience. For the youngest who grew up with computers, cellphones and social networks. They have a unique tradition of interacting with the audiovisual product. This festival is for them! It’s okay to watch good movies on their phone or computer. In addition, the democratization of cinema on the networks allows a greater visibility of the themes.

Here are some of the movies we liked from the first and the second edition:

Continuation — Justin Varghese from India

“Continuation”, a one-minute black and white short film, by Justin Varghese from India, impressed me greatly with its subject but also the simplicity of its narration about the ongoing social stratification.

This year, 30 international short films are programmed for the second edition of Resist Film Festival. We noted an interesting body of work related to the land’s and indigenous themes:

Forest Warrior — Angry Duo from Brazil

“My Culture” by Réel Youth, gives us an impressive overview of the new generation of Inuit youth and their culture. From the same perspective, Forest Warrior of Angry Duo from Brazil, remains one of the best films during this edition. It features an indigenous warrior who uses education, art and technology to defend his rights and his lands.

Threshold — JoJo Taylor from UK

In the experimental film, Jojo Taylor from England takes part in two romantic yet provoking films about our relationship with nature and the human body. A subject that can be found also in the work of Bernardo San Rafael, especially in his dance with the swans in the beautiful Switzerland lake.

Resist Film Festival is directed by Dorian Shine and visible on this link

You can also follow the activities and the interviews streamed on their social media link :



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